Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On my first job AND my dear (crazy) friend


I will be posting up two topics today..the first..is a short one..

I JUST GOT HIRED FOR A JOB AS PROJECT EXECUTIVE! haha..sounds chun rite the name?haha..but yeah..the company's a marketing communications company..and they do more formal kinda events like conferences, launches, meetings, etc..

I love it even though its formal events, its still organizing stuff..

its my 2nd day at work today (im in the office now) and as a newbie..of course i dun have the workload yet..=) i did do sum stuff yst..not clerical but booking hotels u know..=)

but the sad thing is...when i juz wanna start oni..and thought of using the car...PETROL HIKE! of course...my life wat..*SIGHHHHH*

anyway its in SS2 pj and its a really comfortable place..its a house cum office..hehe..so its a really relaxed environment..oni 4 workers excluding me..=) and guess what im wearing?no..not formal clothes....jeans!hahaaha..

anyway..the really fun part of this post is in the 2nd topic..juz wanted to update about my life..oh..did i mention i'll be going to Singapore in September to organize an event?for 8 friggin days! and the event is oni for 3 days..that gives me alot of time to lepak there!haha..


This is my dear friend..he is called Muzzaffar Shah..Muzz for short..Muz if u lazy wanna type the second 'z'..haha..

Here's the story..

One day, Andrew, Chee Wee, Foo, Syafiq, Logesh, Sneha, Muzz and i were having dinner in bekerly 'kampung' food court..

i don't know how, but we suddenly got into the topic of science (or more like common friggin sense!)

so we asked muzz to tell us about the 6 species of animals..

Muzz: reptilia, mammal, herbivor... (and no..he couldn't answer all 6..for those who don't know..its reptiles,mammals,amphibians,birds,fish and insects)

we laughed so hard..and we told him what a herbivor is!

and then we asked him..

what herbivors,carnivors and omnivors ate:

Muzz: herbivor eat plants, carnivor eat meat, omnivor eat fish!

*sigh* i didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for him or myself (for having this friend)

and then we decided to ask more general questions:

what is the BIGGEST flower in the world?

Muzz: .....

Kerry: ok ok i'll give u some clues..its situated..where i went for holiday with swee wei all..its the smelliest flower in the world...

Muzz: .....

Chee Wee: ok la we give u A,B,C,D

A; sunflower

B; rose

C; hibiscus

D; rafflesia

Muzz: ........ (after a good long minute) ..... D ?

Kerry: just because its the weirdest name rite?ahahaa..

and then, one more question:

Kerry: what's Malaysia's national flower?

Muzz: *proudly answers while pointing at the sky as though in triumph* BUNGA ROS LA!

Everyone: *pause*.........*hysterical laughter*!!!wahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahaahahahaha


Y do i have friends like these again?

and he said he damn long din study since SPM

and what kinds of questions were these? UPSR questions..*sigh*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

On friggin long words!

I was chatting with andrew about coming up with a new name for our TMB group and wanted to find a really good name but our friend said we should only use one word (i wanted to call ourselves HandsofGod-see,its not one word)
so i thought as a joke, to put SUPER­CALI­FRAGI­LISTIC­EXPI­ALI­DOCIOUS = song title from the Walt Disney movie Mary Poppins.It is in the Oxford English Dictionary.

"But then one day I learned a word
That saved me achin' nose,
The biggest word you ever 'eard,
And this is 'ow it goes:

BUT no, to my surprise, this was not the longest word in the dictionary..
u wanna know what is?


= a lung disease caused by breathing in particles of siliceous volcanic dust.This is the longest word in any English dictionary. However, it was coined by Everett Smith, the President of The National Puzzlers' League, in 1935 purely for the purpose of inventing a new "longest word". The Oxford English Dictionary described the word as factitious. Nevertheless it also appears in the Webster's, Random House, and Chambers dictionaries.

*(friggin long word for juz 'a lung disease')

= a surgical creation of a connection between the gall bladder and a hepatic duct and between the intestine and the gall bladder.This is the longest word in Gould's Medical Dictionary.

= pertaining to a very long word.From Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure and Preposterous Words.

= an estimation of something as worthless.This is the longest word in the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Interestingly the most common letter in English, E, does not appear in this word at all, whilst I occurs a total of nine times. The word dates back to 1741. The 1992 Guinness Book of World Records calls flocci­nauci­nihili­pilification the longest real word in the Oxford English Dictionary, and refers to pneumono­ultra­micro­scopic­silico­volcano­koniosis as the longest made-up one.

= honorableness.
The word first appeared in English in 1599, and in 1721 was listed by Bailey's Dictionary as the longest word in English. It was used by Shakespeare in Love's Labor's Lost (Costard; Act V, Scene I):
"O, they have lived long on the alms-basket of words.
I marvel thy master hath not eaten thee for a word;
for thou art not so long by the head ashonorificabilitudinitatibus:
thou art easierswallowed than a flap-dragon."
Shakespeare does not use any other words over 17 letters in length.


Two chemical terms (3,641 and 1,913 letters long) have appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records. They were withdrawn because they have never been used by chemists, and there is no theoretical limit to the length of possible legitimate chemical terms. A DNA molecule could have a name of over 1,000,000,000 letters if it was written out in full.

= Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Dahlemense Strain.This word has appeared in the American Chemical Society's Chemical Abstracts and is thus considered by some to be the longest real word.

*yes...its ONE word..take a deep breath and say it out loud..i bet u'll lost breath after the 20th syllable..whahaaha...*


This Maori name was in general use, but is now generally abbreviated to Taumata. The name means: the summit of the hill, where Tamatea, who is known as the land eater, slid down, climbed up and swallowed mountains, played on his nose flute to his loved one.

The name means: the Mawddach station and its dragon teeth at the Northern Penrhyn Road on the golden beach of Cardigan bay.

The name roughly translates as: St. Mary's Church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool of Llantysilio of the red cave. It is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Another name for Lake Webster in Massachusetts. Probably the longest name in the United States. Alternative spellings are:




The Eskimo name for some dunes in Alaska, according to The Book of Names by J. N. Hook.

and the funniest most ironic thing ever...
you know that there's such a thing as a phobia for long words?and that's not the only funny thing..what's ironic is that this symptom is called hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia!(It is literally the hippopotamus- and monster-related fear of very long words. )

friggin long words taken from http://fun-with-words.com/word_longest.html

Saturday, May 31, 2008

To all the avid bloggers...i SALUTE you!

i have come to realize and accept the fact that i am and (most probably) can never be an avid blogger. Honestly, i have all these thoughts in my mind that i juz want and sometimes even NEED to let out but whenever i turn on my blogspot, i juz go blank. (maybe its bcoz whenever i turn on blogspot,there's a tv in front of me=)). i cannot even begin to comprehend how some of my friends have the time of day to just blog about every single moment that happens in their life! i honestly, can't remember all of it..i guess that's the main problem. Anyway, i went to lovely Sabah and came back, plopped on my bed because i did not sleep properly for the whole 8days i was there, and woke up a few hours later. haih, i hate having insomnia.

There exists a love-hate feeling about being at home. or maybe a love-hateSS feeling since there's only ONE thing i love about being at home - my bed. Staying in Jacqkie's lovely home is fine and comfy, but nothing compares to the comfort and sentimental value of your own bed, don't you think?=)

I don't know why i even feel surprised that my parents did absolutely NOTHING when i came home and left the 8-day-long housework to me. *sigh*

Since i came back on the 20th, i have had nothing to do. I went for two interviews - one of which is stil pending, and the other one i did not accept since i KNow very well what that job wants me to do - run around selling stuff.

and while i was bumming around (cashless) i came across this new game that my frenz were talking about and its super duper ADDICTIVE! its called the mafia boss! hahaa...sound interesting? go check out http://www.themafiaboss.com/ and see! its all about strategizing and knowing how to kill,when to kill,when to stop! hahaaa..
and honestly..it IS very very ADDICtive! i'm currently playing it with chee wee,logesh,andrew,syafiq,syafiq's bro,muzz,simon,chong lun..whaahhaa...so MANY ppl!
but honestly,u can't mess around in this game..some of the people there are NUTS!they're so serious about it (i guess bcoz u can win REAL cash - up to USD 2,500!) they're really into the game and are soooo good at it they use math and all that stuff to strategize in the game..i'm not kidding!haha..
Well, this is what i'm doing in the meantime..gonna work with my uncle at his office on monday..its an ok pay..i still dunno what i'm supposed to do..haha..i guess i'll be a clerk or secretary or something...i'll keep finding better jobs while i'm working there..anyone got any recommendations?

Friday, May 9, 2008

lifeless me...

Real Name: Kerry Ng Eelee
Nickname: (damn alot wei) Skerry, Carrie Junior, Angkat, Satu biji (ee lee in chinese,don't even dare calling me that..), Kenny..
Married: Nope..
Male/Female: Female
High school: SMK Convent Klang..
College: Taylor's College PJ
Are You A Healthy Freak?: so-so la..well, you oni live once but don't push it la..you don't want to suffer during that ONE lifetime u have by having kencing manis/diabetes/obesity..
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: nope..i just want to crush someone..
Do You Like Yourself: hmm..good question..i ask myself that everyday..
Surgery: did one or got one?
Person You See In The Morning: myself..and my dog..
Award: alot for chess la..but as i grew older, the prizes got lesser coz i either got stupider or lazier..maybe both..
Sport You Join: Basketball, volleyball, badminton, rock climbing (cheh oni twice oni la)
Vacation: conquered Singapore, Thailand(oni phuket la), PD, Langkawi..malacca, genting and soon..Sabah!
Concert: Good Charlotte..ONLY..damn sad i know..oh is a rave considered? i went to UVNATION..wahaa..kesian me la..make my list abit longer..
Drink: water? be more specific man! well in terms of booze, i drink almost everything and love almost everything..favourites are sweet drinks though..i like drinking stuff that don't taste like they're gonna kill you
Your future..
Want Kids: Yeap, one girl one boy..GIRL MUST BE D ELDEST!
Want To Get Married: well we must all do our parts in repopulating the earth..
Careers In Mind: Events management..
Which is better?
Lips Or Eyes?: Eyes! they're the windows to the soul..or the windows that show if any fucka is lying to you..evil things can come outta ppl's lips..
Hugs Or Kisses?: can i have both?
Shorter Or Taller?: either way but not too short or too tall la..hard to kiss u know..
Romantic Or Spontaneous?: romantically spontaneous..
Sensitive Or Loud?: people should know when to be which on what occasion..
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: troublemaker just like me!
Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: too general la..kissed a guy i juz met in a day..
Drank Bubbles: wtf..yalah..small small..damn thristy ma when bathing..hahaa..
Lost Glasses / Contacts: too many times to count la..
Ran Away From Home: got la but my parents juz thought i went out..coz i ran away for like 5 hours oni..whahah..i was young ok..
Liked Someone Younger: yup..
Broke someone's heart: yeah..
Been arrested: so far so good..haven't gotten caught yet..
Cried when someone died: of course!!even thinking about someone dying brings me to tears!
Do you believe in..
Yourself: hmm..in my principles la..not in my capabilities..
Miracles: SO SO much!
Magic: i'm not supposed to bcoz i'm christian..we call it miracles..
Angels: definitely!i've seen them..
Answer truthfully..
Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: of course!
Tag 5 ppl:
i tag..Jacqkie..Amir..Denise..Shaneil..and Mary..

Excitation! and Mengeluh-.-"

Time: 3:44am
Date: 9 May 2008
Day: Friday

Right now..I am sitting down in front of my dad (who is cheekily peeking at what I am doing with his laptop..damn..I wish I had my own laptop..ok ok diverting edi..) thinking about how many days (or hours) there are left till i get on that Air Asia plane and land on Sabahan grounds..

Time: 9:30am
Date 13 May 2008
Day: Tuesday

That's when my flight is..3 more days..77 hours and 44minutes left till my flight leaves..hmm..i wonder if this is borderline obsession...haha..honestly..i have always been like this..want to know how i got this way?the answer is LIES!

Pada zaman dulu dulu (bukan dulu sangat la..) when i was a young little girl, full of hope, excitement, imagination, ambition..my dad promised me (more than once) to bring me to many places - China...... (well maybe only one la..) i waited for so long until all my hope was gone.. and until now, we never managed to go there..even then..you know those times when u were younger and you would get so excited when ur parents said they were going to the mall..even if it was a sundry market aso u want to follow (as though we were some prisoners at home that could never go out) and you would wish so much for it..and be so excited to get into the car and go for a ride! well, even then my dad always told me he was going to bring me to KL to 'kia-kia' (jalan-jalan)..u know..i got especially excited because he told me he wanted to go KL to find some puppies to buy for me! sampai sekarang masih takde la..because sumting always came up or sumting would happen that would delay the trip..it happened so many times until i guess my dad forgot his promise to bring me..sobs..

Even last time, i would always plan to go out with my friends..especially when we plan to go somewhere far away..(last time to us far was KL la..) something would always happen that would end up with us not going at ALL! This even happened during church camps..somehow my parents somehow last minute won't let me go..(u know parents sometimes bargain with us..'if u do tis or if u be a good girl oni u can go'..den as usual..kenot be good girl for even a day..will cause them to ground me n not let me go..diverting again-.-") so everytime when we plan to go for a trip..i always wait for something bad to happen that will result in me not being able to go..and when against all odds i happen to successfully be at my designated area, i'll always think that i was dreaming..(am i making sense?)

Best example:

SO it began with a few of us who suddenly started crapping about going to Sabah..then in the beggining of the year, Beh and I asked our closest friends if any of them wanted to go..this was not planned btw..it was kinda like abit random la..den suddenly everyone got excited and like "why not why not" la..so we were like..OK! so we planned everything and in February we actually booked the tickets so everything was confirmed! and since then i kepy toking about Sabah..until my frenz aso got irritated..juz yesterday Cwee told me "Since 2 months ago you've been toking about Sabah Sabah everything aso Sabah!" haha..but it was true..i was really excited..it was like freaking 6 years ago since i sat on a plane ok!who wouldn't be excited!

Now that the day of our flight is so close...my mind began its usual pessimism and began thinking of nonsensical things..(this all happened during my exams..so now u know where my brain was at la..)
A few examples of things i thought would happen (some of it is abit 'choi' la..):

something would happen to me, like get dengue..den kenot go..

i would have the 'final destination' thing happen to me like when i get into d plane i suddenly have a premonition dream of the plane crashing (i told u it was 'choi'..)

juz the other day (at 3am..i sleep late..almost everyday..) my dog was barking really loudly so i went to look outside..juz when i was about to open the gate, my dad who was downstairs (also sleeps late) told me not to simply open the door in case got anything...and the first thoughts that came into my mind was that a thief was hiding at the side and when i walked out he would VHACK (i pronounce 'whack' with a 'v' for more emphasis..i do this regularly..i am very indian..not being racist..i AM that way..ask my frenz..) me on the head and i would be injured and get concussion and not be allowed to go..or i would walk out and a snake would bite me..den i kena poison den kenot go..(as i said..nonsensical..but my frenz would know that 'suei' things ALWAYS happen to me..even the weirdest stuff that never happens oni happens to me wan..of course rite..why not..*damn*..)

BUT...so far so good la..I thank my closest frenz for helping me out with the Sabah trip..u know who u are and what you helped me with..so i want to thank you for helping me out or even offering to help me was so nice of you..i am eternally grateful for it..anyway..i will continue being excited until d whole Sabah trip ends..i know some people might say that i'll jinx it but..i don't care!!i'm so happy!!! the thing that gets me excited the most is that my BESTEST BEST FRIEND can go!! so i'll be spending my holiday with my best friends Jacqkie, Swee Wei, Caroline, Audrey, Behonce, Daren, Calyn (who kenot rmb my bday aso..except you Audrey..thanks..=p) and my bestest best friend Chea Wen for 192 hours!

you know why i'm damn excited my BBF can go?because her parents are damn damn strict until when she wants to go upstairs to her own room aso sometimes must ask permission wan! in her own house wei! and her mom doesn't even let her go to subang alone! overnight in MY house (me!her best fren for 13 years aso kenot!) How not to be excited?
Go subang kenot..straight go SABAH can la! whahahaa...wtf! damn weird rite?! freaking weird wei her parents!!

Okay so you may think where the mengeluh comes in..(is this a long post?*being sarcastic*)

Well..this thing i just had to tell because i promised Jacqkie i would..
Jacqkie and i were talking about Nessa's Ben..Jacqkie was saying how cute Ben and Nessa were as a couple..and then we were like joking about Ben's 'sexy legs' cause he had no bulu kaki and when he said he was " 'chinese' ma"..then Jacqkie was saying how it was true that Chinese din have a lot of bulu kaki..den i said i knew alot of chinese frenz who had ALOT of bulu kaki.. den Syafiq said 'i don't know y my elder n younger bro got not alot of bulu but i got alot' den i said bcoz syafiq lepaks with indians..so folo culture la..waahahaa..but no..that wasn't the funny or mengeluh part of course..

This is what happened:

Jaqkie: no la, i think ah its bcoz when you (syafiq) younger, you play more ganas..
Kerry: what?! wah..that means if i play ganas when i younger i aso will get alot of bulu kaki la? *looks at Syafiq* syafiq syafiq..next time more 'delicate' la..
Jacqkie:no la..that not wat i mean..i mean like..more naughty la..
Kerry: -.-" *laughs*
Jacqkie: that's not what i mean la! i mean u know..ahhh!! *eureka* *light bulb on* MASCULINE! that's the word..
Kerry: oh..so you mean more testosterone la..*thinks to herself*-now that makes sense-
Jacqkie: yah yah..
Jacqkie: SO..*tries to make a theory* if the guy have more testikels then got more testosterones la..
Syafiq: WAH! so that means i got three testikels la huh..
Kerry: Jacqkie, u know testikels means balls rite?
Jacqkie: yah i know! *holds strongly to opinion* so if the guy got more testikels, then he got more testosterones then got more bulu kaki la..more masculine la i mean..
Syafiq: hmm..like that indians got about 3 or 4 balls la..people like Shaneil maybe got 5 rite..
Jacqkie: maybe aso..we don't know rite..maybe we ask Denise den we know la..
Kerry: so maybe Daren aso got 3 balls la rite..
Jacqkie: oh yah ah! maybe aso! *quiets for a while*..Ewwwww!
Kerry: *looks at Syafiq* now u know wat i go thru in college la..hahahahahaa..

This is why i mengeluh..

and so..this is another proof of how much you kenot help but loooovvveeee these people who are my best frenz!! (and never forgetting to mengeluh at the same time..)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Misunderstandings or just plain deaf?

I have for almost 13 years coped with my best friend always mishearing what i have said..thinking i said something else...and even after all those years..she still hasn't changed..u know what makes my life better?meeting MORE people who have hearing problems like her!
a few simple examples..

Audrey: PJ
Sweei: stupid gay?

Jacqkie: Olympics
Daren: Pussy?

Amir: I love to play basketball
Christian New: you love to play with man's balls?

OH MY GOSH!!wtf!
you know..there are many other situations where things like this happen but i would get too frustrated remembering them..haih..

anyway..i know its been long since i have posted anything..so i'll post one thing now about what happened today..

i auditioned for Christien Lavin's Life is Good back to school auditions..it was weird..i just wanted to do it just for laughs and because i was a bit lifeless..haha..anyways if i get the part, i'd get paid..and that was al that was in my mind..

anyway..Audrey told me that the synopsis of the movie was..
Christien New and Lavin Seow who are (self-proclaimed) superstars, want to know what a student's life in school/college is about so they (i think) pretend to be students to do so.

so this is MY analogy of it:

two superstars want to act as superstars in a movie
so they have an audition for students who will act as (guess what?) STUDENTS in the movie!
WOW! that is the most creative idea for a movie if i've ever heard of one in my life! they should win an award for just thinking of such an idea!!(note the sarcasm)

anyways, i auditioned for the money..hahaaa...so yeah i too am kinda dumb for auditioning..but what the heck..i gave it a try..

it was so funny and great and embarrassing at the same time!Aina, amanda, audrey, amir (coincidence about all of their names beginning with A?) auditioned at the same time and the best thing was MR chirstien allowed us to sit in for the auditions! so we got to see all our lovely friends perform for this production..well..Aina and I danced together (which chirstien said sucked (this was because we did a routine which was supposed to be with 8 ppl) ) and Aina good great reviews and was accepted after she auditioned for the acting part!(good job girl!)

i sucked so bad for the acting part..i totally CANT do happy scenes by jumping up and down..but now that i think of it i should've done something else which was more ME than what they wanted..
and i did badly for the crying scene too because i kept thinking of how badly i sucked at my happy scene (damn it!) anyway i din really care bcoz i knew i couldnt act because of stage fright anyway..hahaa...just for laughs,as i said..

but aina was really good!she really cried tears and everything!Woh!damn chun!
Amanda did well too..after her singing audition, she was invited to perform for one of the crew members in his band!wow!

and Amir did well too!i tot he was really funny!this was when the Man's balls thing happened..hahaa...

damn..i'm damn scared my video gets posted on youtube!damn!i'm damn stupid bcoz i wrote that in the post and now ppl will check it out!

-thats all folks,no inspiration to write while mom's screaming at me asking me to do hsework-

Sunday, November 25, 2007

ON peoples lives....

stop the madness!! why are we repeating history??i just came back from a MASSIVE JAM at 12 midnight because the cops are having roadblocks everywhere!!
the government is trying to prevent the demonstration by MIC by stopping all indians from going to KL...what will that achieve?honestly, i feel that the government is not solving this problem appropriately...they are handling this the wrong way...honestly, who is the PR person for our government because he sucks!there is no use stopping people from doing a demonstration..that only shows even more that people have no human rights...we have the right to vote, to have our own opinions...why can't we have our own opinions?


without people, there is no government...there is no country.

why are we fighting against each other when we look at other countries having wars? do we not learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others? do we not want peace and harmony?

why can't we go to KL?why does everyone have affected by this?why?i have wasted my petrol and my time and my life being stuck in the jam...people are losing their jobs because they get to work late..the whole country's economy will be affected by this...why can't people see that?why must we fight?aren't enough people dying already?why must we spare more lives?why can't we all live happily?what was Visit Malaysia 07 for when tourists come and see us being so uncivilized and childish?why must we hurt each other?at least America is having war against another country...we, we choose to have war with ourselves?what does that prove?our country and our people are now weak and vulnerable...what will happen to us then? i believe that REVELATIONS is approaching..i can already here the trumpets blowing, the war is coming...death is near...so why do we have to quicken the end of the world?

i have such a bad feeling about the demonstration tmr...i really do...and honestly, my intuitions are almost always right...so frenz, anyone who reads this, please don't go for the demonstration tmr..not going will not show that you're chicken or anything, but it'll show that you are smart...seriously...people are going to get hurt..another MAY 13 is going to happen!stopp this madness please! we need to show this another way...
please people...THINK!
i don't care if i get caught by ISA......all i want is peace...........i HATE POLITICS!

Friday, November 23, 2007

On the things my friends say...

sometimes...wait...i take it back...MOST OF THE TIME, my friends come up with the weirdest things to say..i can't deny that i don't say weird random phrases but compared to theirs, i am what you call a NOOB..seriously..here's a list of what they have said...

SWEE WEI's weird phrases and quotes:

1)on people not finishing their food: "think of all the hungry children in africa running around naked"
*karen's question: why are they naked?
*calyn's question : already the children hungry, some more they running around?

2) "i think in advance"

3) "i laugh spontaneously"

JACQKIE'S hilarious phrases and quotes:

1) when trying to say that something is really obvious, she wanted to use a metaphor, so she said.." its as obvious as a donkey on a.....sand?" (i think she realized she said the wrong thing while the words were coming outta her mouth halfway)

*she meant to say that it was as obvious as a camel on the sand...hmm..even so...its still a weird metaphor, don't u think?

2) when i was sick, a friend of mine made a joke *thinks hard but can't remember the joke or the friend..* and i laughed so hard that it hurt my sides...so i held the right side of my stomach and said "i laugh so hard till my kidneys hurt.....wait....is this my kidney? *holding side of stomach*

Jay: *points at his heart* no, this is your kidney...

Jacqkie *replies sarcastically and with full confidence of wanting to 'bang' (ejek/insult) Jay* : HAHA HA..you think i NOT that stupid ah?

*sudden feeling of deja vu while writing this...did i write it before?hmm...who cares..*

AUDREY's recent blooper (i think she has been infected by the Jacqkie and Sweei disease, but thankfully she's not in as critical a condition as Jacqkie and Sweei is...) *fuh..* *wipes sweat of forehead*

while having a meeting...we were talking about a christmas party and our colleague asked us what the corkage is for ******** restaurant, and she wasn't sure so she said, "i think its about RM40, if i'm not too sure la..." *she meant to say 'if i'm sure la"

the other blooper is the one i've already posted in my previous blog where Mangales passes her a notebook and:

Audrey: and this is?

Mangales *very sarcastically* : a "NOTEBOOK"...

*she meant to say "and this is for?" but i don't think that would have made a difference....wahahaa...*

that's not all people...that's just a small portion of it...there's a lot more nonsensical things that my friends say but i just don't have the capacity to think or try to remember it right now...but don't worry, when i do, i'll tell you..


DENISE *while driving the car* *after insisting sooo much that its better that she drives instead of me because i was having a headache* : i don't usually use breaks..*GASP*

CONCLUSION: really smart people have no common sense. no no, let me rephrase that...SMART PEOPLE REALLY HAVE NO COMMON SENSE.


on a WORKing note...

audrey, denise, sweei and i have recently been giving the responsibility of organizing (with supervision of Manpreet, the head of events department) the company christmas party...

this is what happened...

the date for the proposal presentation of the party is today (23rd Nov) at 11am...

Manpreet gave us this job YESTERDAY...(22nd Nov) at 3 something pm..

wtf wei! damn kau last minute!omg!!! but we did ok la...they said that our ideas were great and that we did a good job...alls well that ends well..wahaaha...is that the rite spelling?who cares..wakaka..


on another note...

wtf wei...police having road block everywhere!omg...come on la...at least if you're blocking the entire highway, make an effort to at least LOOK like you're doing something and not just stand there...(not even stand there..you lean on the railing somemore!)

while we're in our cars wasting petrol and according to sweei, waiting to pee...you stand (or lean) outside blocking half the highway for no utter reason at all!

even yesterday i saw you blocking half the highway but checking the motorcycle lane! wtf wei...don't you think we have places to go? more important things in life than listening to reruns of songs on the radio!

an hour of my life was wasted in the car today because of the traffic jam...i hope someone reimburses me....hmph...